1. Hi there.
    This is such a nifty gadget. I wish I had had one when my baby was little. The house was so big that I could not really hear her when I was in the kitchen so I used to trek between her room and the kitchen / study to make sure she was okay every few minutes. I got a lot of exercise which helped me shed the pregnancy pounds but having a monitor would have given me so much of peace of mind.
    Great site and helpful information for all new parents.
    Well done.

    • Thank you Fathima. I appreciate you visiting my site and commenting. That baby monitor is incredible. All mothers of newborns need this – I agree. Stop by anytime and visit. If I can be of help to you let me know. Thanks again.

  2. These are very useful products. When my children were small they only had the listening devices for children. This is much better. I am sure the babies appreciate having their temperatures taken this way too!

    • Thank you, Charley. I appreciate you visiting my site and giving feedback and comments. Thanks for your time also. The new thermometers that we can swipe the head or place in the ear for quick results are fantastic. I love them, and I’m sure the babies do. Babies do not like to be still for a temp check up. Thanks again for your help.

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