1. Eva

    Hi Yenomym,

    I used to love shopping in malls and outlets, but with each year I’m more about shopping online. No queues to the changing room, no commute to and from the shopping trip, no crowds, no need to move from the couch – I know, so lazy, but so convenient and comfortable! You can return the stuff you buy if you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit, sometimes the delivery and return is for free, and often there are special deals online that you don’t get at the mall. Definitely my favorite way to shop right now 🙂

    Take Care,

    • Marilyn

      Thanks Eva for the comments on my website. I agree with you, online shopping is fantastic. A lot of pros which make life so much easier. No crowds, no traffic are two of my favorite misses. Choosing the time you want to shop is another. All the best to you.


    • Thanks for the comments Daisy. We have it all figured out don’t we? Amazing how we can go from running from store to store to a comfy place at home to shop. It is lots of fun!

  2. hi Marilyn
    ok I have to admit it, I love to shop online too! As a teenager I could not get enough of going to the mall. Nowadays, if I can avoid it I will! I buy literally everything online (well except groceries). I know my size on my favorite sites and I even buy house stuff such as bed sheets. I just received them and they are divine. And jewelry! Yes there is a risk that things will be delivered broken or not delivered at all. But normally those problems do not happen and you can buy all you want directly from your couch. No rushing to the mall full of people!

    • Thanks for the comments Emily. I think it won’t be long before we can shop online for food locally. Looking forward to that day. You are exactly right about rushing to the mall; I can certainly leave that behind. Online shopping is phenomenal.

  3. Yvonne

    Hi, I’m not a big online shopper but I know it can be fun and addictive. Think of the unlimited choices we have on the internet! I agree that it saves us time on getting ready to go out and transportation costs. Not to forget the hassle of queuing up to pay and also to try on clothes which I dislike!

    • Marilyn

      Hi Yvonne, thanks for your time and comments. I appreciate them very much. When you become hooked on online shopping you will love it. As far as I’m concerned, it is the best way to go. The more I shop online the more I love it. All the best to you.


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