1. Hi Marilyn
    great ideas for a baby registry! There are so many things parents and baby need. I am a big fan of baby clothes as they need so much and outgrow them so fast. And I love the idea of music! Such a great idea! I would definitively play some if I had a baby! It can be so soothing for grown ups and babies alike. I also like the idea of health and safety items, because this is not a common idea but a very practical one.

    • Thank you Emily for the comments on Baby Registry. You are correct music is soothing for babies, children and adults. Health and safety are items we need to think about, but as you say it is not a common idea but very practical. This is one of the many reasons I chose to emphasize the most important items to add to your baby registry. Some of the ones I added will be omitted if not reminded of them. Thanks again. I appreciate your observation of my site. Please visit again.

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