About Me

Welcome to Baby Shack. I am Marilyn, and I am here to help you discover baby cool stuff online at Baby Shack. my pictureDoes this name not remind you of kids playing with dress up clothing they have scattered in a pretend clothing store. Which would probably be an old sheet or blanket thrown over a toy or a table to show off the clothing they want their make-believe customers to purchase. Sounds like excellent imaginations where fun and happiness abounds. Launch your imagination with Baby Shack to bring you to baby cool stuff for your baby, grand baby, or a gift for a friend.

Inside story

I am better known as Nana.  My husband, Tony (Paw Paw), and I have 13 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. In a few months, we will have 3 more great grandchildren. I am stoked. I can hardly wait until the storks arrive. I love to shop for baby stuff, and I know you do too. Baby Shack will facilitate your shopping with speed, ease, excitement and convenience without leaving the comfort of home.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with us.

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Founder of Baby Shack

PS  We now have 6 great grandchildren who are so precious.  We love each of them dearly.  I love shopping for our little sweethearts.